Gourmet Toffee, Jelly, Jam, Syrup & more: All Natural & No Preservatives!

Find that perfect gift for
All Family "Foodies" you know!

Holiday Savings on Gourmet Gifts and Food ProductsWhat is a "foodie"? By definition a "foodie" is "a person with a particular interest in food; a gourmet." We feel all of our customers are foodies, and that our artisan food products pass the foodie test.

We pride ourself on the fact that we make quality food products for families around the country. As providers to your family, we are sure you wish you had the time to make homemade jelly, jam, baking mix, Gourmet Toffee and syrup, but in today's busy world, that isn't always feasible. Our products fill that void. When you serve our food to your family and friends you are making that "homemade taste" available to them and everyone is left feeling satisfied.

Heavenly Creations products are made right here in the Sandhills of Nebraska. Fruits such as Chokecherries and Wild Plums are just some of the fruits we put in our products. Carrying on a family tradition of creating from nature, we take great care to ensure the flavor and goodness of each and every jar or bottle by not inhibiting them with preservatives or corn syrup.

It is our prayer that the gourmet products you purchase through Heavenly Creations bless your home and satisfy the "foodie" in each of you.